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PreciBake® is an AI and sensor technology company providing software and hardware solutions to the professional baking industry.


Virtual Baker®, BakeIT Cloud™ and Virtual Quality Officer™ are vendor-independent and can already be integrated into many systems – they optimize and monitor individual baking equipment and even large industrial production lines. You can also optimize your production with the intelligent solutions from PreciBake®:

  •  The Virtual Quality Officer™ makes intelligent process monitoring possible and also lets you set up a control center at the production site, at headquarters or even on a smartphone.
  •  Process transparency and production planning with the BakeIT Cloud™.
  •  The Virtual Baker® minimizes user errors and independently ensures consistent quality and fewer scrap.

Virtual Baker®

Take advantage of the support provided by our Virtual Baker® – let our artificial intelligence baking assistant simplify your baking processes at the POS and in production.

The Virtual Baker® is installed on shop and production ovens. In many oven models, you can retrofit the sensor kit and thus enjoy the advantages of our assistance system. After a successful learning phase, the Virtual Baker® recognizes the product in the oven, automatically selects the baking program, and adjusts it independently as needed. Without any learning effort at all, it recognizes the actual amount of products in the oven and adjusts the baking program accordingly. In addition, it can be used for any oven model and minimizes user errors through the simplified process. The Virtual Baker® is also very cost effective and helps through a variety of savings possibilities, for instance in energy costs.

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About Us

If cars can now understand how to drive autonomously, why can’t ovens, too? This is one of the questions our company was built on. Focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning, PreciBake® researches and develops new solutions for the professional baking industry.

PreciBake® was founded by Dr. Ing. Ingo Stork-Wersborg and Laura Horstmann in 2012. Prior to that, during his time at MIT and the University of Technology in Munich, Ingo developed machine learning techniques and AI solutions for laser-cutting and welding in the automotive industry. Through his family business, the Precitec Group, PreciBake® has access to more than 80 years of research and development experience in the area of control and AI. Working on a multi-vendor basis, PreciBake® can provide users of baking equipment and machinery with a cross-linking sensor and IT solutions. This allows to consolidate digital information throughout the production process, from monitoring data of a dough mixer to generating and consolidating data of store ovens of different vendors or types.

Today, PreciBake® has offices in New York, Munich and Mumbai and an ambitious young team of about 50 hardware and software engineers, who dedicate their passion and work to provide new and powerful technologies to the world of professional baking.

For 'other-than-baking' food applications we operate under the brand of PreciTaste

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